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Metalscreen for Diamniadio Spheres Ministerielle - Dakar Senegal - Controsoffitti - False Ceilings - Faux Plafond

Diamniadio Dakar False ceilings Spheres Ministerielle Senegal 73.000 m2 suspended metal ceilings panels manufactured by Metalscreen 100% Made in Modena Italy

Viaggia all'interno degli edifici ministeriali 
con i controsoffitti metallici Metalscreen 
per Diamniadio Dakar Senegal.
Visualizza il film del progetto 
più importante e costoso dell'Africa.


New Ministerial Luxury Offices Diamniadio – Dakar Senegal
The project involves the construction of 3 twin buildings with 7 floors plus 1 basement parking each.
Each upper floor has an area of 3.700 m2, while the basement of 3.200 m2.
Total 73.000 m2 covered with Metalscreen false ceilings manufactured 100% Made in Modena Italy

The host ministerial office buildings from the first floor upwards, while the ground floor will be reserved 
for prayer spaces and a luxury glamour shopping mall.
The 3 buildings connected by covered walkways that lead to pedestrian squares with exclusive fountains. 
On the right side of the buildings there is parking lots for outside users, while those covered will be 
for the exclusive use of the ministers and President.
The style is full Italian European contemporary.



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