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Producers, false ceilings Modena Emilia Romagna-Italy


001. Plafoni adattatori per faretti - Adaptor panels for spotlights
020. Boxer VT-15 Microlook Design
001. Boxer VT-9 Tegular mm.3 totale
021. Triplex 1
027. Boxer VT-15 Microlook
093. Coki-U Tradizionale
003. Particolare Struttura TWIN LOCK - TWIN LOCK T bar grid system
114. Boxer VT-9 Tegular
015. Coki-U "Appoggio lay-in"
004. Adattatore per faretti - Adaptor for spotlights
048. Boxer VT-15 Microlook Design
015. Doghe LA - LD-R - LT microperforate Ø mm. 2 diagonale con cimosa + TNT
103. Boxer VT-9 Tegular
091. Q6060 clip-in
006. TWIN LOCK mm.24xH38 seismic lock torsion proof
014. Akutron clip-in

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False ceilings industries building profiles and suspension systems factory
41030 BOMPORTO MODENA ITALY EU - Via Aldo Moro, 38

Tel. +39 059 8170611 - Fax +39 059 8170633
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