40 years of constant presence in the false ceilings sector

These are not only years we are working next to you, these are our ages, landmarks in our history that provide reliability and our experience means high quality from raw material to finished products. Experience, a very precious gift, skilfully handed down from generation to generation, allowded our family, made by self-made entrepreneurs to diversify the production, from glass processing to aluminum windows, from anodic oxidation to external aluminum coatings anodized, up to the metal false ceilings and aluminium claddings systems and all its components and eventually up to the next generation of smart false ceilings made of coated aluminium.

With our continuous and constant entrepreneurial presence in the market, we have always brought innovation and modern production technologies, even when aluminum ceilings were little known and little used till now that they are unquestionably a functional and irreplaceable part of modern architecture thanks also to our contribution.

Our goals are full commitment and engagement in our strategies for the future, continuous innovation, cautious investments meant to reach our targets and make our view come true and consolidate our primary position, a spotlight in the false ceilings and exterior claddings sector consolidated over the years thank to many sacrifices.

Metalscreen has been putting its experience and competence at your disposal for more 100 years and has been the symbol of guarantee, quality, professionality and versatility. ?Reliability has always distinguished us ensuring the highest quality of the raw materials processed, clever novelties, timely reactions, prompt answers, just in time production process, quick deliveries, lean organizational, flexibility, dynamic service, price competitiveness, business continuity, kindness and courtesy.

Metalscreen thanks all its worldwide customers, technical designers and consultants, suppliers and mainly all its direct and indirect partners who allow our constant development, award and success in the national and international market of Architectural products.

Let’s leave the words to others, we answer every day concretely with the facts.