Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

Within our product range we have created a special division that houses all the false ceilings designed for places with specific hygienic characteristics such as healthcare environments, pharmaceutical laboratories, food processing plants, canteens, professional kitchens and food stores.

We create BIO SANITAS false ceilings in pre-painted steel and aluminum in Sanitas White (similar to RAL 9003) and subject them to the Pro-Hygien treatment to make them antimicrobial and antibacterial. This type of painting has a double functionality:
– protects the surface of metal panels of the false ceiling;
– inhibits the proliferation of bacterial colonies and contributes to their destruction.
Thanks to these peculiarities, BIO SANITAS false ceilings are ideal for use in highly frequented environments where disinfection and sanitization are not practicable down to the smallest detail such as kindergartens, RSAs, public offices, sports centers,…
These types of false ceilings have been designed to facilitate maintenance procedures, for this reason they have a smooth surface that is completely washable and resistant to humidity.


The BIO SANITAS line is available in different models:

– inspectable false ceiling panels type Q6060 CLIP-IN mm.600×600 sealed joint for simple snap on hidden structure;
– BOXER type inspectable false ceiling panels, 600×600 mm, on a T24-15 mm metal structure;
– self-supporting LD type inspectable metal slats up to 3000 mm ideal for corridors, toilets and changing rooms. Available width of 200-300 mm, they can be closed side by side or closed with a shutter resting on the perimeter frames without suspensions.

These false ceiling models are made of non-combustible Euroclass A1 steel and aluminium, they have non-porous and non-hygroscopic surfaces. The products of the BIO SANITAS line are ideal for use in healthcare environments and where people spend several hours a day because they do not release microfibres harmful to health into the air.

Special surface treatments


Hospitals, Medical clinic, Pharma Lab, Food Supply Chains, School cantinas, Restaurant Kitchens, Food Stores, etc…

Coatings are applied to give the material special plus inhibitory anti-microbical active properties.
METALSCREEN rollform coated coils BIO SANITAS treatment suitable used for false ceilings in pharmaceutical laboratories, and places which are attended by large numbers of people but are not expected
to undergo frequent specific sanitizing treatments: kindergartners, schools, public offices, shopping malls, recreational areas kitchens, restaurants, food processing factory.

The coating components Pro-Hygien of BIO SANITAS METALSCREEN FALSE CEILINGS prevent colonies of the most common types of bacteria from poliferating and help to eliminate them. Tests in compliance with the ISO 22196:2007 standard.

Performed in specialist laboratories, showed effective action in reducing colonies of following bacteria by over 99,99% within 24 hours. Staphiloccous Aures, Escheritichia Coli 01257, Legionella Pneuophila, Salmonella Enteritidia, Pseudominas aeruginosa, Enterobacter Aerogenes, Enterococcus Faecalis.

METALSCREEN BIO SANITAS FALSE CEILINGS are available both options: color White Sanitas RAL 9003 and transparent to be applied in order to confer antimicrobical properties to material pre-painted all colour. BIO SANITAS ANTIMICROBICAL ACTIVE suitable for indoor applications.
No harmful dust paint, No sublimation process, NO PVC

The brand new line of BIO SANITAS products is the maximum sanitizing guarantee with a perfectly smooth, homogeneous surface, NON-porous, NON-hygroscopic, they DO NOT absorb dirt, they DO NOT release harmful volatile micro-dusts into the air which are harmful to health such as mineral fibres, glass wool, wool rock. They are perfectly washable with total resistance to vapors, liquids and all frequent sanitizing interventions.

Suitable for use in indoor environments, it is available in Metalscreen false ceilings of all types: panels, slats, gratings, self-supporting slats for corridors made of aluminum and pre-painted steel in Sanitas white colour.
Sanitas White similar to RAL 9003 is a very bright shade of Day-Lighting White which, in addition to giving spaciousness to environments, allows immediate identification of suspended volatile particles, cobwebs and sediments, allowing their prompt removal.
The use of White RAL 9010 with a straw-yellow shade is not recommended.
Available on request in neutral transparent BIO SANITAS paint for applications on colored aluminium.

Pre-painted aluminum with the Coil Coating process is particularly recommended in all environments for its undisputed characteristics of a healthy product with eternal durability, rot-proof, non-yellowing, 100% resistant to humidity and corrosion, acids, gases, salts, without chrome-lead , presence of 90% recycled content

TREATMENT 2 stage degreasing + chrome-free chemical conversion
TOP SIDE Primer 5 - 7 micron
White PRO-HYGIEN Top coat 15 - 20 micron Or Primer 5 - 7 micron (for steel only) Base coat 10 - 15 micron PE Trasparent top coat PRO-HYGIEN 12 micron
BACK SIDE Back coat 4 - 6 micron


Thickness 20-27 EN 13523-1 (ECCA T1)
Brightness Bianco - White 23 +- 5
Transparent – Neutre 50 +- 7
EN 13523-2 (ECCA T2)
Pencil hardness F EN 13523-4 (ECCA T4)
Impact test 100% EN 13523-5 (ECCA T5)
Adhesion after indentation 100% EN 13523-6 (ECCA T6)
Adhesion after bending at 25° C 0T – 1T * EN 13523-7 (ECCA T7)
Resistance to cracking on bending (t-bend test) at 25° C 2T – 2T * EN 13523-7 (ECCA T7)
Solvent resistance (MEK rubbing test) >100 EN 13523-11 (ECCA T11)

*according to subtrate properties

Day-Lighting color White RAL 9003
20 Gloss Matt on metallic false ceilings

Color White RAL 9003-20 Gloss matt has the ability to reproduce the effect of natural light, guarantees visual comfort in all workstation applications with light reflection of up to 87%.
The calibrated study of Day Lighting constitutes an indispensable support for obtaining energy savings of 16% if indirect light is used to reduce thermal loads and optimize the supply of daylight.

Color White RAL 9003-20 Gloss matt is called Sanitas White, approved and strongly recommended by the Local Health Units.
Sanitas White similar to RAL 9003 is a very bright shade of White with Day-Lighting effect which, in addition to giving sense of space to environments, allows immediate identification of suspended volatile particles, cobwebs and sediments, allowing their prompt removal.
The use of White RAL 9010 with a straw-yellow shade is not recommended.