Internal Solutions

Ceiling Tiles system 60x60 cm

Tiles module mm.600×600 is the most diffused ceiling panel system used in the classic architectural solutions worldwide.

Ceiling Tiles system with square design offer the combination of classic style with sobriety, simplicity concept with smart functionality. Tile systems are manufactured with punching and moulding robotized process in multiple installation concepts and edge options to obtain different visual aesthetic final results: Clip-In concealed system and Lay-on Board flat, Lay-in tegular depth of reveal, Flush, Tegular deep installed drop on T24-15 mm. conventional exposed suspension grid systems. Soundproof perforated tiles improve high acoustical performance of comfort noise control. Metalscreen micro perforated panels are provided with a special sound-absorbing nonwoven tissue thermo-glued on the back. Available in stove-enamelled coil coated aluminium and pre-coated steel Incombustible Euroclass A1 in wide choice of patterns, colours and finishes. Metalscreen ceiling tiles offer complete adaptability allows easy repositioning and substitution of each module, services and ligthing

Tiles Typology



Ceiling Tiles systems mm.600×600 available with wide choice of edge options to be installed in exposed T-Grid systems composed of T-Bar sizes 24-15mm.



Ceiling Tiles systems mm.600×600 with bevelled edge and closed joints to be installed clipped into a concealed suspension system


Linear panels and open cell grids false ceilings

Steel tiles false ceilings


Hidden structure for tiles false ceilings

Tight panels without gasket for false ceilings

T Twin Lock Structure with sismic anti-release lock