Each building has peculiarities related to the function for which it was built and it is for this reason that each structure needs a product made to measure starting from the analysis of its needs.

Within our product range, we have created a specific division of metal false ceilings designed and manufactured specifically for use in airports, shopping malls, railway stations and subways. This ceiling model is also used to create retail stores such as supermarkets, restaurants and non-food food.

Metalscreen false ceilings and external claddings are made of prepainted Euroclass A1 incombustible Coil Coating aluminium and are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Thanks to this process they are completely washable, do not change over time, are UV and saltiness corrosion resistant, do not yellow and are 100% recyclable.
Our external aluminum cladding and metal false ceilings have a smooth surface that is not hygroscopic. Moreover, not releasing micro particles harmful to humans, they are ideal for use in environments where people spend several hours every day.

Our most loved products are:

– Flat baffles panels: they are ideal for improving the sound insulation of a room and for creating inspectionable false ceilings;
– Open grid cells ceilings: they can be chosen with square and rectangular meshes. With their inspectability you can have a complete access of all the technological systems above such as fire protection, smoke detectors, cameras,…
– 60×60 cm panels: they are modern panels that combine aesthetics and functionality. Can be chosen full or microperforated with soundproof TNT back applied
Metalscreen false ceilings and cladding for exterior facades are available in different colors and finishes to make each project unique. You can choose between: RAL colors – WOOD LIKE wood effect with rough finish – OXIDAL brushed anodized effect – ULTRA MATT super matte and anti reflection.
For the realization of our products we have very high standards to always offer you the best and that is why we do not use powder coatings, sublimation processes, adhesive films and photo-imprinting.
In the next sections you can find further technical insights with photos and references.

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